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About Tokyo Forum

Tokyo Forum Overview
The structure of the world and human society is fluctuating fundamentally. With the rise of unprecedented global challenges and crises, rapid changes take place in areas that are the basis of our daily lives, including politics, economics, culture, and environment. Conventional knowledge or common sense is not always effective to cope with such changes or problems. People of all over the world need to discuss and cooperate with each other in earnest to comprehend the various aspects of the changes resulting from the complex entanglement of all sorts of factors. Then, we will be able to find the paths to solutions for the problems the globe and humanity are facing. In this way, we will also be able to find the best ideas to shape the world and human society in the future and the way towards its realization. In mutual understanding of the aforementioned background, the University of Tokyo (“UTokyo”) and Chey Institute for Advanced Studies (“Chey Institute”) agreed to co-host Tokyo Forum from 2019, with an intention of holding the forum yearly in the future. This forum shall provide a meeting place of people, including, but not limited to, those in academia, government, business, NPOs, from all over the world. The two institutions will cooperate to encourage the participants to freely shape and sharpen information and opinions on the solutions to the problems faced by the current world and on the shape of the world and human society in the future.