TOKYO FORUM 2019 Shaping the Future

TOKYO FORUM 2019 Shaping the Future SPEAKERS Meguro Kimiro


Meguro Kimiro

Professor, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo

Saturday 7, December

Faculty of Science Bldg.1, Koshiba Hall 
Parallel Session 5
Faculty of Science Bldg.1, Koshiba Hall 
3.The Future is Now: Cities on the Edge
Dr. Kimiro MEGURO is the Director and Professor of the International Center for Urban Safety Engineering (ICUS), established in April 2001 at the Institute of Industrial Institute (IIS), the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) and President and Ex-President of several academic organizations in Japan. Also, he had been a Special Advisor of Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. After receiving PhD degree from UTokyo in 1991, he joined IIS, Utokyo.

Dr. MEGURO has wide range of research field in disaster management and urban safety from structural to non-structural measures. As a specialist of numerical simulation of structures, he developed several new models by which total behavior of structures from a sound state to a complete discrete state can be simulated accurately. While in the other field, or as a specialist of non-structural measures and policy making, he has proposed many important social systems and policies. Moreover, for implementation of safer housing in developing countries, he has developed several unique seismic retrofit methods that are all very simple, inexpensive and local feasible. He has also proposed unique promotion systems by which all stakeholders, such as house owners, governments, investors, private companies, masons, etc. are encouraged to retrofit weaker houses. This is an integrated research both technological and social approaches for solving real big problem in a society.