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TOKYO FORUM 2021 Shaping the Future SPEAKERS IINO Masamitsu

IINO Masamitsu

Special Advisor to the Director, IRCN
Professor Emeritus
The University of Tokyo
Vice-President, The Japanese Association of Medical Sciences
Vice-President, The Japanese Medical Science Federation
Dr. Masamitsu Iino is Special Advisor to the Director, IRCN, The University of Tokyo. He graduated from Tohoku University, School of Medicine in 1976, and obtained his PhD in 1980. After two years of postdoctoral study at University College London, he moved to Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo in 1984, and was promoted to professor in 1995. He also served as Vice Dean as well as Director of Center for Disease Biology and Integrative Medicine during his appointment. He has been studying the mechanism of intracellular Ca2+ signaling, which is one of the most important biosignals regulating a vast array of cell functions. After his retirement from the Graduate School of Medicine, he became Project Professor at Nihon University School of Medicine in 2016. He then took the present position in 2021. Outside The University of Tokyo, he serves as the Vice President of The Japanese Association of Medical Sciences.